Simulation Workflow

This lecture describes a bunch of topics that are of relevance for understanding Dune and to be able to do the exercises, but that do not really fit with any of the other lectures’ topics. You can download the lecture slides here.

The first part talks about Dune’s modular structure and the CMake-based build system that Dune is using:

The next part reiterates on one of the native strengths of Dune compared to competitors: The availability of a variety of grid implementations with very different feature sets. It also explains how grids are constructed using generic factory concepts.

The third part briefly explains the configuration file format that is typically used in Dune.

The last part is quite relevant for the exercises as it explains Dune’s tackle on visualization. File exports to the VTK format are shown and a hands-on session with ParaView illustrates the intended workflow for the exercises:

The exercise sheet for this lecture can be downloaded here. The material for this exercise can be found in the workflow subfolder of the dune-pdelab-tutorials module. Check How to study with the Material for details on how to find the material.